Club Kit

To help you integrate PositiveMe into your club, we have compiled some useful tools and resources to help your communications with parents, coaches and the club community.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries at
We’re always happy to help!

Parent Communications

To make it simpler for you to communicate with parents about the PositiveMe program trial, please refer to our ‘Letter to Parents’ template. This provides you with a guide to content you may wish to include in parent communications. This resource has been provided with the intent to copy and paste into an email, or your own club letterhead (in full, or in part).

Coach Communications

Coaches will be able to access their PositiveMe Handbooks from the unique club page URL and associated password provided to you.

To help you communicate to coaches how the program works, you can provide them with the Coaches Program Overview supplied to you upon engagement with PositiveMe. This PDF will link them directly to your unique club page, and provide some brief context as to what the program is, its value and how it works. You can also use this presentation to talk through the program expectations with your coaches.

A general program overview for coaches has been provided for reference and/or to support you and your teams.

Social Media

Integrating PositiveMe into your club provides a fantastic opportunity to share stories across social media and build your club’s profile. We have therefore developed some useful social media assets that you are free to use. You can download all assets at the link provided, or alternately access the Canva template that you are free to save and edit.

Announcement Post Guideline

When it comes to announcing your partnership with PositiveMe, we understand it can sometimes be difficult to find the right words. We have developed a base ‘Announcement’ post that can be used in conjunction with any of the supplied social media image templates. You are welcome to use this content in full, in part or reword it in your own Club’s tone of voice.


We’re excited to announce a new and exciting partnership with PositiveMe and the introduction of their Train Your Mind program at the club that delivers age-appropriate psychological concepts to junior players in a fun and engaging way! 

Players will be introduced to a range of easy-to-understand topics through fun activities in their Player Activity Books that they can work through at home; topics that will be reinforced by coaches at training and on the pitch. 

We believe that this is a valuable way to develop more resilient, self-aware, capable young people who execute better mental and emotional control; both on the pitch and in their everyday lives. 

This season our [insert team name(s)] are going to get a first look at the program, so stay tuned.”